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An Interactive Media Designer's Blog

So what is an Interactive Media Mechanic? No, it's not some fancy title I made up for myself to impress people at parties. Well, it is sort of a job title, but mostly it's a way to categorize the types of marketing projects I've been working on, and my role in developing those projects. Interactive Media or sometimes people refer to it as "New Media" can be everything from web sites to DVD's and even PowerPoint presentations. Marketing projects that require interaction from the user, and go beyond a printed page. This site contains tips, thoughts and lessons I've learned from working heavily in Interactive Media. Enjoy the articles and please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you're looking for assistance with your next Interactive Media project.

5 November 2011 Comments Off

Video 101

I often get calls from existing clients or new clients, wanting me to help in creating a video for their web site or for a trade show presentation. They have an idea of the subject matter they want to cover, but they don’t always know where to begin. I have a simple 10-step plan that  Read More……

25 October 2011 Comments Off

CAD to Animation Workflow

In a typical product animation project, a client will want a model of their product animated or dis-assembled and shown in various configurations either moving or as still images. I thought it might be helpful to explain the process of how to get from the engineering department’s CAD file to finished product animation. The process  Read More……

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